Tunnel lets you expose local servers to the internet securely over SSH. A connection can be created using a Tunnel client

Use Cases

  • SSH to your home machine e.g. Raspberry Pi from internet
  • Self-host applications at home and access them over internet
  • Public URLs to share with clients or co-workers
  • Directly share files from your computer


Via Binary

  • Download the latest tunnel release for your platform from https://github.com/labstack/tunnel-client/releases
  • Copy the tunnel binary to somewhere on the PATH so that it can be executed e.g. /usr/local/bin or %PATH%

Via Homebrew (macOS & Linux)

brew install tunnel

Via Scoop (Windows)

scoop install tunnel


Create a config file in your home directory if it does not already exists $HOME/.tunnel/config.yaml
api_key: API_KEY

Forward HTTP/HTTPS traffic

tunnel 8080
You can also use a reserved subdomain configured in the Console

Forward TCP traffic

tunnel -p tcp 1883

Forward TLS traffic

tunnel -p tls 8883